Our Little Mister

Our newest tiny human is full of spunk and charm! Can bring the roof down with a hair-raising scream and then completely melt your heart with the twinkle in his eyes and mischievous grin. He is a happy little man that knows he has us all wrapped around his finger! So much love for this little man!

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Current Featured Oil

Joy *Inspires romance *Creates magnetic energy *Brings happiness to the heart Im not going to lie, at first this blend was a little to floral and sweet for me. But it wasnt long before Joy found a permanent spot on my oil shelf and in my heart. Blends well with EVERYTHING! The properties are felt with this one, soon you'll be feeling all the joy! Great for diffusing around kids to bring joy back into their day after a melt down!

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Essential Oils 101

So many things to know about these precious oils! I can get you started, get you confident in using oils in your home and introduce you to some oils you may have let slip passed your radar!

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The Best Big Sister

Our little ball of sunshine! She loves avocados, sleep and chocolate cake! Her giggle is infectious and her language is unique (to say the least). She is tenacious and knows how to charm the socks off anyone!

- June 1, 2018

June Photo Challenge

A special thank-you to those of you participating in the 2018 Monthly Photo Challenges! There were some great photos taken in May! Here is a sample of the artistic photos posted last month


- May 30, 2018

FREEDOM: Explaining the membership!

If you are a Young Living member or are thinking about becoming one, the options can be a bit confusing at first I know I was a bit lost but I had amazing help from my friend who introduced me to this wonderful world of oils!
So, I wanted to …

- May 14, 2018

Essential Oils 101

Essential Oils have been around for hundreds of years They are referenced in the bible over 600 times and have been used in many cultures for their physical health, spiritual and emotional benefits

So, what is an essential oil?

An essential oil are the volatile oils distilled from botanicals such …

- May 3, 2018

The Biz

Most of my posts are aimed towards essential oils; how to use them, why I love them, why you need them etc However, I’m on two journeys with Young Living


The first is wellness

The health of my family is my first priority Chasing the chemicals out of my …

- May 1, 2018

Get your lifetime membership!

Ok so by now you know my story and why I chose Young Living Congratulations you’re within reach of the amazing starter kit and lifetime membership to a company who is 100% pure and healthy for your family!

First things first! Choosing your team is the most important decision you …

- April 30, 2018

So many choices!

Why I chose YOUNG LIVING over all the others?

Imagine standing in a field, on a Young Living farm, and see for yourself what all goes into the process of bring oils into our homes Seeds carefully selected from generations of organic crops, local farmers working …

- April 30, 2018

Why I chose to incorporate Young Living into my life

So many people have asked me in the last few weeks, “Why Young Living? Why do you seem so much more excited about this company than any you’ve tried previously?”


Well as most people know I have been …

- April 26, 2018

May Photo Challenge

Spring has sprung! May is all about filters and effects… time to play!

As always follow the weekly topics, take as many as you can each day of that week There is no limit but try to get at least one picture per day

A special thank-you to those of you …

- April 7, 2018

April Photo Challenge

April Photo Challenge

Spring is in the air! Time to get outside and play with sunlight, action, and exposure!

As always follow the weekly topics, take as many as you can each day of that week There is no limit but try to get at least one picture per day Play …

- February 28, 2018

Orange Raspberry Pancakes

Pancakes are a Sunday morning tradition in our house We love playing with the delicious classic recipe by adding chocolate chips, blueberries, bananas, raspberries, coconut, and now the magic of Essential Oils!